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Why would anyone want to be a perpetrator of gang stalking?

Why would anyone want to be a perpetrator?

Most new Perps are in it for the money and training for a new career. They have a sense of belonging to an elite group, privy to information that others do not have. They may be told they are ridding the world of "undesirables" (people with unconventional attitudes). As they work their way from informant to orchestrator, Perps become privy to more and more information. They are carefully groomed and hardened so that as they inflict more and more pain on the Targeted Individuals, they feel no remorse. Perps are convinced Targets are just dumb schmucks who don't deserve to live anyway.

No doubt there are many perps who think they can avoid becoming a target if they co-operate and join the ranks of the secret gangs trained in this line of work. What they don't know is that we are getting an increasing number of calls from survivors who have observed some of the perps are targets themselves. Looks like some of the perps are becoming aware that joining the evil will not protect them from becoming a target.

Perps are trained not to question why someone is undesirable, only to follow orders and observe the rules of secrecy. Therefore, it does not matter what kind of person the Perp is asked to target, the Perp is to obey without question.

Perps are trained in street theater, and become informants, then agent provocateurs, then move up to orchestrator. The longer a Perp has been in the program, the less conscience and humanity the Perp will retain. Long time Perps are usually easy to identify. The daily schedule of continuous evil doing eventually leaves them with a visage devoid of soul.

Convinced they are part of an elite group whose destiny it is to shape the world into what they have been brainwashed to believe is a better place, Perpetrators are willing to do anything for the cause. Even murder, so long as they can't be caught. This is easily accomplished with Directed Energy Weapons. These devices can be directed to single out one person, causing sleep depravation and permanent damage to the body. Eventually the Target dies, apparently from natural causes.

The perfect crime has been committed.

No one really knows how many victims the Perps have killed because most doctors cannot recognize the symptoms of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

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